Medical Therapy

Sinusitis Treatment : Medical Therapy

At Metairie Sinus Center, our ENTs follow the established clinical guidelines for treating sinusitis. Our first line treatment is medical therapy, which may include a range of medications designed to address your particular illness and symptoms.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Hickman and Dr. Spring may recommend any of the following treatments:

Nasal Steroids: Our Metairie ENTs sometimes prescribe nasal steroid sprays to treat sinusitis. This can bring relief for many people with acute sinusitis by reducing swelling in the nasal lining and allowing mucus to drain properly.

Decongestant Nasal Drops: Decongestant nasal drops are used to reduce swelling and soothe the mucus membranes. This treatment may reduce your sinusitis symptoms and help you breathe easier.

Antibiotics: Sinus inflammation prevents proper mucus drainage. When mucus is trapped in the sinuses, it can sometimes lead to the development of a bacterial infection. To treat such infections, our ENTs may prescribe antibiotics that directly improve symptoms related to your situation.

Advanced Treatment Options

For patients with more severe or recurring symptoms, medical therapy may not deliver lasting results. These patients may suffer from a condition called chronic sinusitis. In these cases, our Metairie ENTs may suggest a more advanced treatment option. Metairie Sinus Center uses cutting-edge technology and the most up-to-date practices to deliver our patients incredible, lasting results.

Learn more about our advanced treatment options:

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