Snoring & Sleep Apnea


At Metairie Sinus & Snoring Center, we treat those who snore or suffer from Sleep apnea with compassion, and armed with the latest treatment techniques.

Whether you or your bed partner is a snorer or gasper, or you do not feel that you get adequate quality rest, waking up tired and unsatisfied is not a way to live. You have to think about your bed partner, who may be stressed watching your every breath when you stop breathing at night. Often, people with sleep related disorders struggle and are inefficient during the day; they fall asleep easily or constantly feel tired. Many Sleep apnea patients experience depression, moodiness and even weight gain. Unfortunately, many who are diagnosed with sleep apnea are given only one choice, a CPAP machine.

Snoring And Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

People diagnosed with sleep apnea may not have been given an explanation of their sleep study or been told the severity of their particular case of sleep apnea. More commonly, sleep apnea patients are given only one treatment option, independent of the cause or severity of their sleep apnea, which is often the CPAP machine, a device not tolerated by many patients. Alternatively, some sleep apnea patients may be told that they need an expensive dental appliance or an in-office procedure, and are given unrealistic expectations without being informed of all their treatment options. Lastly, many sleep apnea patients are not informed of the cause of their issue. At Metairie Snoring & Sinus, we take time to diagnose your specific problem and to identify the most effective treatment option.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

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