Dental (Oral) Appliances


For patients with mild sleep apnea or just positional snoring, a dental or oral appliance, similar to an orthodontic retainer, may be an effective solution. These are worn in the mouth while you sleep to help expand the back of the throat. Some of the devices hold the lower jaw forward during sleep, while other appliances directly affect tongue position. These offer a non-invasive solution and are much more portable than a CPAP machine.

At Metairie Sinus & Snoring, we are able to make custom-fitted appliances here in our office; by fitting the device to your mouth, we can ensure it will work with your specific bite. These appliances are made up of two adjustable pieces that enable the lower jaw to advance forward, which brings the tongue muscles forward to open and stabilize the back of the throat. It allows you to breathe through your mouth and move your jaw side to side to optimize comfort. Like many treatment methods, Dental Appliances do have their potential disadvantages and patients may have difficulty tolerating dental devices. We discuss all of the available options with each patient before moving forward with a form of treatment.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

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